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8 ACTUAL reasons why people do MBA

1 Everybody is doing it! – This is the top reason why people do MBA. The seniors, friends, juniors everyone is either doing it or preparing for it. If you are working, your colleagues are doing it maybe even your manager is preparing for it. So in a nation where we do everything in a herd, it’s hard to resist the pressure.
2 $Money$ – Politically incorrect but very obvious, MBA is all about money. This is everywhere in the pre-admission rhetoric – ROI, Average package, median package etc. Even during your MBA although you learn many decision making frameworks but at the most crucial time (read: placements) you’ll choose the oldest and mostly commonly used one (read: money).
3 Didn’t get a good job after graduation – Your passion for moving in herds took you towards a graduation stream that you weren’t suited for, at all. This meant that you ended up being a bad engineer or doctor and hence getting a good job was very difficult. So now you want to make it all up and without even knowing what an MBA really means you join the herd again.
4 Your job sucks!! – One of the top reason among the people with wok ex. After having worked for a while, you realise that you have gotten yourself into a job that really sucks. Your manager is a devil, team mates are boring, the location is 20 kms away from civilisation and your growth is in decimals. In this situation MBA is your escape, if nothing it provides a two years moratorium.
5 Inspired by books or movies – Celluloid has done its fair share in bringing glamour to MBA. The suits, the six figure pay packages, the game changing trades, million dollar deals, 100 crore portfolios make for a very exciting life and this is the image that you come to a top college with. You want to be this man (like Hrithik or Gordon Gekko) with sexy life and MBA is your license to extravagant lifestyle (so you believe).
6 For your Love – A very under-rated but a significant reason for doing MBA is that your GF/BF has already got admission into a top B-school and you are insecure about your future. Many relationships have had a sad end because the guy wasn’t good at probability (couldn’t clear quants cut-off). If you don’t have a GF/BF this is your ticket to getting one.
7 A break from marriage threat – More popular reason among girls but not exclusively limited to them. If you are 24-25 years old single and have recently made a trip back home, you’ll get what I am saying. The pressure of marriage in India can be frustrating and if you are a girl with a younger or a same age BF then going for a two year MBA is a tried and tested method to buy some time.
8 For Parents – You have never taken any decision in your life. You are the ideal child who does whatever his/her parents suggest. They made you an engineer and now they want you to be an MBA because well that’s what Sharma ji’s son did and Sharma ji made a killing in the marriage marketplace. Now it’s your turn to live up to the competition. So this is exactly what you do.
If these are the reasons for joining a b-school then more often than not your MBA life could be a disaster. MBA is much more than this. It is a beautiful journey. It is an experience!!
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